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The Author

On an Antarctic Island

by Scott Uriz


On September 3, 1998, I was on an exploration trip to Antarctica with some friends on an arctic vessel. Before long the captain told us to get on a new type of jacket that could stand temperatures to –0 and freezing water. All of a sudden we crashed into an underwater iceberg, and the crew and I were thrown off.

The next day the crew was picked up by search and rescue, but they couldn’t find one person. Me!

Suddently, I found myself on an island never discovered. This island was different because it had every type of penguin from Arctic, Tropical, and even Mutant.

The next day I decided to explore it. I found out the penguins were very civilized. Since they were, I went to make friends. I finally made friends with a little blue named Short Stop. He told me some things about the island: never mess with the mutants, the island was shaped like a penguin, and, most importantly, they’ve never let humans on because most humans are so greedy they’ll let the mutants out of their titanium steel jail cell.

Then I asked him, “Why isn’t the island on maps?”

He replied, “People just think it’s a big glacier.”

After being on the island for three years, I became pretty popular with the penguin. Then one day they heard on the news that the search and rescue was near. They got out their one man submarine. I knew I had to leave the island. Just when I was about to leave, they gave me a map, a few pictures, and some awards.

Finally I was off, heading back to the Antarctic Exploration Center in Florida. When I was about half way there, my communications came on. It was Short Stop. He told me I was welcomed anytime and he faxed me a picture of him and a rare mutant penguin.

When I got to the Antarctic Exploration Center, I went in feeling like all eyes were on me. I ignored them and went straight to my office. My fax machine was going crazy. When it finally stopped, I had received a document stating that I now owned the island. This was too good to be true.

After several hours I stepped outside my office. All my friends came up to me and started talking. They couldn’t believe I was alive. I just told them that they were imagining things or had a very large sugar buzz

After a year back I had enough. I decided that I must return to my island, but that’s another story.

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